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You Auto Know - Spring Car Care

We’ve said goodbye to winter and hello to spring. During the winter our vehicles are doused with road salt, #1 leader in rust and corrosion, and spring brings out the potholes. The switch to warmer weather puts additional stress on your vehicle, but our MCC Service Department has a few helpful maintenance tips that will get your vehicle ready for those warm weather road trips.

  1. Remove All the Salt - Take your vehicle to a car wash that sprays and cleans the undercarriage of your vehicle. The bottom of your car is mostly metal and is exposed the most to the winter elements and road salt. This salt will begin to eat away at the undercarriage of vehicles causing serious corrosion that is very difficult to repair. Make a car wash part of your spring cleaning and you can avoid the rust building up over the years.

  2. Do a Brake Inspection - Ice and snow create slicker roads and for some drivers, more braking than usual. Nothing is more important that making certain your vehicle’s brake pads will help you avoid a collision.

  3. Check your Alignment and Suspension - Potholes can throw a vehicle’s alignment off, this can increase the wear of your tires and put unneeded stress on your suspension. If you notice a pull or vibration in your steering wheel, it could be your alignment. Extend the life of your tires and engine by having your alignment and suspension checked by a certified mechanic.

  4. Rotate Tires and Check Air Pressure - During the colder months, tire pressure fluxuates causing a slight difference in wear on all your vehicle's tires. Make certain to ask your certified technician to check the wear on your tires and rotate the best to the front, if needed.

  5. Inspect All Fluids - Check your oil sticker, it is possible the last time your vehicle had an oil change was before winter hit. It is possible that is also the last time your vehicle’s fluids were checked. Think about having your transmission flushed. Since most drivers put more miles on their vehicle in the warmer months, it’s important to be certain your vehicle is ready for the spring/summer roads.

Call us to schedule your vehicle’s spring check up, 217.586.1942, ask for the MCC Spring Inspection to receive a discount.

Too Cold for Your Car

When it feels like Alaska in Central Illinois, what does that mean for your car?
CarandDriver.com interviews the owner of a repair shop in Alaska, James Grant, about how extreme cold temperatures can affect your car.

You Auto Know - Tire Tips

Worn tires can be dangerous, causing unnecessary damage to your vehicle's alignment and wear on your engine.
Here are a few tips that can keep you safe and save you money.

  • Check your tire's tread life. 
    • Our technicians always check your tires when you come in for routine maintenance at no additional cost. We will let you know how much tread life is left on your tires.
    • Use the Penny Test to check your tires yourself. (What is the penny test? See below for instructions)
  • Check tire pressure at least once a month.
    • If you TPMS light comes on, come by the shop and we will be happy to check the pressure for you.
    • Use a tire pressure gauge to check the pressure yourself.
  • Rotate your tires.
    • Tires can wear at different rates, rotating your tires makes certain your tires wear evenly. When we check your tire treads we may recommend a rotation of your best tires to the front. 
Why is checking my tires so important?
It helps get the most miles out of your tires. Under-inflated tires or poorly aligned wheels makes your engine work harder, using more fuel and costing you more at the pump. 

Penny Test 
Place a penny in the tread of your tire with Lincoln's head facing down, if you can see the top of Lincoln's head you will need new tires. Watch Jeff walk you through how to do a Penny Test.

You Auto Know - Jump Starting Battery

  1. Check cables to be certain they are not frayed
  2. Wear protective eye gear, in case battery blows up
  3. Sniff batteries on both cars, if you smell sulfur do NOT jump your car.
  4. Match positive/negative (always match positive first
  5. Wait a minute or two before trying to start the dead car.
  6. Once started, take cables off (positive first).